Dash Diet Variety of Teas


There are many health benefits of drinking herbal tea, tea regulates blood sugar levels by slowing the rate that sugar enters the body.

This tea recipe is for a detox and will keep you satiated until your next meal. The combination of lemon, cayenne pepper and ginger creates a powerful cleanse and will help break up toxins in your body, while creating a shield for unwanted bacteria in your system.

The cayenne pepper in this recipe will raise your body temperature and fire up your digestion and metabolism to kick, now start your cleanse.

Ingredients for Detox Tea


Combine ingredients and heat to desired temperature.

Rooibos Tea

If you are looking for a restful nights sleep, try drinking a cup of rooibos tea right before bedtime. Rooibos teas, naturally caffeine-free, is an herbal infusion made from a South African bush. It’s loaded with antioxidants, and studies show it reduces tension, irritability and headaches – all key components linked to insomnia.

Oolong Tea

Packed with antioxidants, the oolong leaf combines catechin and caffeine which fight free radicals. Oolong Tea is used for its numerous healing properties.

Weight Reduction

Oolong tea helps you burn fat faster by raising your metabolism for up to two hours after drinking it. Oolong also contains polyphenols that are able to block enzymes that build fat.

Lowers Cholesterol

Oolong is known to reduce cholesterol levels and promote heart health. Because oolong tea is semi-oxidized, it produces a perfectly sized polyphenol molecule that is able to activate the enzyme lipase, which is known to dissolve body fat.

Prevents Osteoporosis

Oolong can protect your bones and prevent osteoporosis. Those who consistently drink oolong tea are less likely to lose their bone mineral density, helping retain minerals from healthy foods consumed.

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