Time Restricted Eating Plan

Time Restrictive Eating Plan (TRE)

A time-restricted eating plan simply allows you to choose the foods that work best for you and eat them in any eight- or nine-hour window that you choose. This should lead to better sleep, improved digestion, it may lower your risk of cancer, improve your heart health,  help detoxify of your body and improve your brain function

Start out with 12 hours time restrictive eating plan, don’t eat anything after 7pm and start your breakfast the next day at 7 am — while keeping the times that you eat to a shorter period appears to have significant effects on hormone levels that determine your metabolism, blood sugar, and whether or not you burn fat.

Then in the  12 hours of rest this gives your body a chance to clean out and detoxify your system and then once you feel very comfortable with this the 12 hour TRE Plan the  ultimate goal is fasting for a 15- 16 hour period per day, that when you metabolism best breaks down your food and give time for your cells to restore their peak working condition.

By only eating during a shortened eight- to nine-hour window each day, your body is more likely to burn fat and keep your weight at a healthy level.

When we eat is as important as what we eat.

TRE has been done in the past by our ancestors who did not have access to a lot of food, some religions practice it as a monthly or annual ritual.

You might be able to eat whatever you want and still lose weight, simply by limiting the period of time in which you consume food. And this might even be true if you increase calories — especially calories from fat, because your body seems to burn these best during the remainder of the day, your “fasting” period.

Studies have concluded that periods of fasting for 12-16 hours a day can have effect on your body weight, lowering your risk of cancer, improved heart health, detoxification and improved brain function just to name a few of the benefits of Time Restricted Eating.

It is a combination of small changes like the Time Restrictive Eating Plan can lead to an overall improvement in your  lifestyle and health..


This is not related to The Dash Diet, but it is a diet technique that can help improve your lifestyle and overall health.

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