Dash Diet Coffee Rules

The best option to help you reduce the calorie intake when your on the Dash Diet is to drink the Americano coffee- that is an espresso and water which is only 1 calorie or a plain 8 oz. cup of brewed black coffee which is only 2 calories, it sounds kind of boring, but it’s when you start putting in your favorite ingredients is when you start adding up the calories, so get rid of that sweet tooth, it may be hard for the first few days, but it will benefit your health long term.

Here are just a few of common coffee additives and just look at the calories you add per cup and multiple that by the number of cups of coffee you have per daily.

1 tablespoon of fat free milk is 5 calories

1 tablespoon of half and half mile is 20 calories

1 tablespoon of sugar is 49 calories

1 tablespoon of heavy cream is 52 calories

So as you can see the more cups of coffee you have a day the calories can add up as some of these specialty coffees can be like a dessert.

Here is the difference between the Starbucks and McDonalds 16 oz premium coffees

Starbucks Brewed Coffee 16 oz 5 calories
Starbucks Café Americano 16 oz 15 calories
Starbucks Latte 16 oz 220 calories
Starbucks Cappuccino 16 oz 140 calories
Starbucks Mocha –no whip 16 oz 290 calories
McDonalds Cappuccino 16 oz 130 calories
McDonalds Latte 16 oz 180 calories
McDonalds Mocha 16 oz 330 calories


Adding the extra flavors is just adding unwanted calories. Caffeine is generally bitter so we have learnt to sweeten them up with milk, sugar or syrups. Adding a tablespoon of sugar, you will add almost 50 calories.

So if you want to add a little flavor into your coffee without adding the calories try;

Add a teaspoon of spice such as cinnamon to the coffee grounds before brewing.

Use any of the flavored extracts such as vanilla or almond extract.

Adding 1 Tablespoon of the following ingredients has this many calories

Fat Free Milk 5
Whole Milk 9
Almond Milk 8
Half and Half 20
Plain non dairy creamer powder 33

There are many health benefits to drinking coffee, studies have proven that it helps protect against Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, liver cancer, promotes a healthy heart and protects against type 2 diabetes. So start today in reducing the calories in your coffee and enjoy your daily dose of coffee.

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Coffee and Coconut Oil

Here is a little tip I want to share with you, try adding two tablespoon of coconut oil in your morning coffee, blend it and it will give you a lighter fluffier texture.

The combination of coffee and coconut oil will boost you metabolism and increase your energy levels.

It will reduce your hunger and suppress your appetite, it will improve your digestion and helps fight infection. So it will help with your weight loss goal so give it a go, you will be very surprised

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