DASH Diet Recipe Books

There are four DASH Diet Recipe eBooks I highly recommend, one of them has everything you want to know about the DASH Diet including a 14 day meal plan, the highly recommend foods to use as well as some light exercises you can try in the comfort of your own home.

The Complete DASH Diet Collection

The-dash-diet-collectionThis downloadable eBook over 300 epages of in depth information about the DASH Diet as well as health tips , frequently asked questions, foods you should avoid and tricks to getting low sodium foods.  With 250 Dash Diet recipes to enjoy.

You are shown some of the benefits of the DASH Diet, weight loss is just one of them.

The Dash Diet Collection eBook breaks down the two stages to the DASH Diet . Phase 1 is the first 14 days, then Phase 2 reintroduces some of the foods you were missing in the first 14 days as well as a list of the recommended foods and snack that will make you feel great and have more energy.

There is a 14 day meal plan schedule as well a great place to get your wholesale wholesome meals.

Fitness is also a major factor into losing weigh and in the DASH Diet Collection there is a easy to follow fitness and exercise section that includes cardio, stretching and strength exercises.

Plus a great assortment of DASH Diet Recipes that include  appetizers, breakfast, desserts, dinner, grilling, lunch, mason jar, salad, seafood, snacks, smoothie and vegetarian recipes.

Get Your Copy of The DASH Diet Collection HERE for $9.95

Dash Diet Phase One  14 Day Meal Plan + Recipes

DASH DIET phase one (3)

Here is the one and only Dash Diet Phase One eBook you will need, during the first 14 days of this program there are specific foods you can eat as well as others you cannot eat, here is the complete 14 day Dash Diet Phase One Meal Plan with recipes.

This eBook is totally dedicated to the Phase One of the Dash Diet, this 67 page eBook has some helpful Dash Diet Phase One tips helping you with some of the most frequently asked question, Dash Diet Phase One Guideline and places where you can get support while going through these 14 days and so much more helpful information, it is exceptional value.

Get your Phase One 14 Day Meal Plan and Recipes Here Only $3.95

The Ultimate DASH Diet Cookbook

The Ultimate DASH Diet Cookbook

This is mainly a recipe eBook with a wide variety of easy to make Dash Diet friendly recipes with clear directions that anyone can follow and details of everything you may need in the recipes so you can follow the best overall diet in the world so you can start achieving the energy, vitality and weight loss results you want. This is a downloadable eBook so you can have easy access with your network.

There is a  3 day Dash Diet Meal Plan for Stage 1 and a 4 days DASH Diet Meal Plan for Stage 2.

There is a section on the benefits of the DASH diet and how the DASH Diet works. How to set yourself achievable goals and how to track your progress.

Get Your Copy of The Ultimate Dash Diet Cookbook HERE for Only $5.95

Low Sodium Slow Cooker Recipes

The Ultimate Dash Diet Slow Cooker recipe book gives you a wide variety of flavorful and healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner recipes along with some hearty soups to enjoy that are low in salt  and low in fat but so tasty, so treat you and your family to this easy to follow Dash Diet Slow Cooker recipe Cookbook.

There are over 35 slow cooker recipes that focus specifically on low sodium content which will help reduce the risk of hypertension and heart disease.



Click the Buy Now and Get The Ultimate Dash Diet Slow Cooker Recipes Today Only $4.95

There are several breakfast recipes with a variety of oats or eggs, easy to make lunch time meals and some of the tastiest dinner recipes – chili recipes and my favorite a Coconut Curry.



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