Healthy Salt Substitutes

There are so many healthy salt substitutes now available you just need to be a little creative so you can throw away that salt shaker and make your own flavorful recipes, here are some of my favorite salt substitutes.


Most herbs are flavorful and will transform a simple dish into a tasty one.

The combination of rosemary and thyme is most often used with roasted potatoes but these fragrant herbs can be used in so many other recipes. Try pairing them on all kinds of vegetables, marinades, stews, soups, fish, lamb, and poultry. While rosemary tends to have a pine scent, thyme is more sweet and mint.

Basil is found in Italian dishes and is a versatile herb that can be used in countless meals. You can try topping slice tomatoes and mozzarella with basil to create a refreshing Caprese salad, add a few leaves to a Margherita pizza, make pesto, add it to pastas, soups, or even try it on your favorite meat recipe.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper helps boost your metabolism, aids digestion, works as an anti inflammatory and works as a detox to your body. If you enjoy food on the spicier side, cayenne pepper is your new best friend. Toss this spice into chili and soups to give them a fiery kick, and add it to meat dishes, roasted vegetables, and nuts as well. With so much flavor and heat, you won’t even notice the missing salt.


Paprika is loaded with carotenids, vitamin E, Iron and is rich in antioxidants that helps fight diseases such as auto immune diseases, cancer, diabetes and is a great anti inflammatory.

Paprika is great in omelet’s and on top of deviled eggs, pasta, meat dishes, any variety of potatoes, roasted nuts, and even on popcorn if you are looking for a good salt replacement.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate, niacin and many more nutrients. Freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice has the power to completely transform chicken, fish, seafood, and salads. You can also use grated lemon zest in light and summery pasta dishes, citrus pesto, or as part of a marinade for grilled meats.


Research has shown that apple cider vinegar helps lower blood pressure, improves diabetes and improves digestion. It is a great way to add flavor to salads, roasted vegetables, fish, coleslaw, and other savory dishes; you can use red and white wine or balsamic vinegar for an added tanginess. You can also use certain types of vinegar to tenderize meat thanks to its high acidity.

Garlic and Onions 

Garlic and Onions are a very good source of vitamin B6 and C, contains a rich amount of iron, potassium and folate, it has naturally occurring compounds that help detoxify your liver, you can feel good knowing you’re boosting your health.

Onions are often referred to as the foundation of any flavorful meal. You can toss onions into practically any recipe to liven it up and give it a boost. Try adding pan-fried onions to potatoes, meat dishes, stir fries, tuna salad, soups, and more.


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